Artifact Philippines - Dota Card Game


Philippines - The Philippines has had a thriving card game community with players who have been playing Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG for decades in schools, malls, cafes and game stores.

Valve and Richard Garfield (creator of MTG = Magic The Gathering) have collaborated to create the biggest online card game ever - Artifact. With lore based on the rich Dota universe, Artifact aims to attract players not just from Hearthstone but also from the massively popular DOTA 2.

To reward the dedication of competitive ARTIFACT players, Artifact The Dota 2 card game will have prize pools reaching more than 50 Million Pesos.

Are you ready to play ARTIFACT?

Artifact Philippines (Facebook Group)
Artifact Philippines Discord - (Partnered with Artifact Asia)
Artifact Philippines Twitter
Artifact Philippines Facebook page (for announcements)
Artifact Philippines Steam Group

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